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Welcome to Bonfhir

BonFHIR is a collection of projects and libraries to help implement FHIR-based products and solutions. Focus on building features by taking advantage of the comprehensive BonFHIR tooling that makes working with FHIR easier and faster:

  • React UI components and state management built for FHIR resources and common healthcare use cases
  • Type definitions for R4b and R5, including search builder parameters
  • Localized formatters to present FHIR data in any language with support for names, dates, addresses and more
  • A FHIR client that supports FHIR subscriptions, bundle navigation, dynamic proxies, batch execution, GraphQL and more!

Get started

What you'll need

Where to start

Start building your first FHIR client in 5 minutes by following this guide: Build a FHIR app with React.

Or select a template and start on your own:

npm create -y bonfhir@latest