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Easily harness the potential of FHIR in your apps

Accelerate your healthcare app development

FHIR is awesome. Let's face it though, getting started and creating a FHIR solution can be quite daunting.
Let BonFHIR help!

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What is BonFHIR?

For Developers

BonFHIR allows developers to focus on building great features, instead of creating the plumbing. You can build high-quality apps faster, and avoid the tedious low-level work required to handle FHIR resources.

For Products Managers

BonFHIR brings the best Healthcare tech experience to your users. Instead of subjecting them to un-ergonomic generic screens and workflows assembled from disparate apps, you can deliver a tailored experience that clinicians, clinical ops and patients enjoy every day.

For CTOs

BonFHIR was built to work with FHIR. So your data is guaranteed be in full compliance with the latest health specifications requirements. It enables easier integrations and certifications. It allows your team to deliver faster, while adhering to a sound and proven domain model and standard.

Ready to learn?

We provide you with a library of video tutorials and templates for a smooth onboarding and fast setup. Learn to design your own customizable applications.

Batteries Included

FHIR Client

Built-in FHIR client with bundle navigator, dynamic proxies, batch execution, resource merging capabilities & more

FHIR Resources & DataTypes

Complete type definitions for R4b and R5, including search parameter builders

GraphQL support

Query your FHIR data using typed GraphQL

FHIR Subscriptions

Subscribe and react to FHIR subscriptions to orchestrate your own workflows

Localized formatters

Format and present FHIR values localized in any language - we even have address formatting based on official country rules!

React state management

Based on React query, customized for the FHIR Rest & GraphQL APIs

React UI components

Values, forms, inputs, tables, pagination, query loaders… and you can completely customize the rendering! Build any application you can dream of

Visual workflow builder

Use FHIR with n8n to build complex workflows

AWS Lambda

Support for execution in serverless environments

Next.js support

Create your front-end app and api using Next.js

Custom FHIR resources

handle FHIR profiles alongside standard FHIR resources

Code generation

Generate any code you like using FHIR definition files and your own templates

How Can We Help?

Let the people that maintain bonFHIR help you succeed in your healthcare project implementation.


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Product Studio

Building complex clinical workflows or digital health apps? Our team of expert designers and engineers can help.


Need a second pair of eyes on your healthcare data model? Talk to the experts behind BonFHIR.

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